Space in New York City is notoriously tight, but one barber shop in Chelsea takes small to a whole new level.

This 100-square-foot storefront on West 22nd Street near Eighth Avenue fits only two chairs.

People looking to get a haircut must wait outside on the sidewalk.

The shop is owned by Avi Jakobov, an immigrant from Tajikistan.

He opened the shop nearly four years ago hoping, he said, to live the American dream.

"It's New York. Big Apple. You want to get there, you want to work hard, you want to get something step by step," said Jakobov. "A lot of people don't understand this as very important being in America. Life in America give you so many opportunities, we just have to treat them right, take apple from nice tree. That's why we say big apple. When you work hard you're gonna get that." 

Jakobov doesn't want to stay in a small shop forever.

He says he hopes one day to move to a larger store, maybe one that is as large as 2,000 square feet.