Two children and a pregnant woman are safe after being rescued from a house fire Thursday morning in Brooklyn.

Sixty-five firefighters were called to the scene after it broke out on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst on the top floor of a three-story multi family home.

Crews say they got there just in time to save those in the home.

"As we were forcing our way into the door, we heard banging on the door. We knew there was somebody in there and that seconds were counting. So once we popped the door open, a child came falling out basically out of the room. And after that, James Weinert made his way in - it was zero visibility conditions, high heat - and as he made his way down the hallway, he was able to find another child," said FDNY Captain Thomas Patrissy.

"I saw a woman at the window. She seemed very frantic. I seen some smoke coming out of the top of the window. I repositioned the aerial ladder to the window and she sort of disappeared into the building. I climbed the aerial ladder, went, pushed the air conditioner in, went in, and was able to pull the pregnant woman on to the aerial ladder and take her down to safety," said FDNY firefighter Louis Dym.

All of the injuries are considered minor.