NEW YORK - The city's public housing buildings are now smoke-free.

NYCHA residents are no longer allowed to smoke inside apartments, indoor common areas, or offices.

They are also not allowed to light up within 25 feet of public housing buildings.

The rule applies to cigarettes, cigars, pipes and hookahs.

The smoking ban is drawing a mixed reaction.

"Well how could they force people to not smoke in their own house and they pay the rent, that's supposed to be their home, you supposed to be able to do what you want to do in your home," said one NYCHA resident.

"So I kind of understand, especially when you have work orders and other people coming into the household who don't smoke and you are aware of how second-hand smoke does affect other people so I kind of agree with that but at the same time you are paying rent and you are taking away my own independence," said another resident.

The city plans to help to any NYCHA residents who are trying to quit smoking.

But some residents have already filed a lawsuit, claiming the smoking ban infringes on their rights.