Widad Hassan has long called Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, home.

It's a community that's become increasingly Muslim. There are at least three mosques and plenty of halal restaurants. Women wearing head scarves known hijabs are a common sight.

Still, Hassan says she's been harassed because of her religion.

"I was walking by on Fifth Avenue and someone, like, a woman, almost tried to hit me with an umbrella, you know, was like,' Go back to your country,'" she said. "And that was my first time being surprised, because I was like, this is a neighborhood that has a large Muslim population." 

On Friday, Hassan joined a group handing out flyers like this one from the city's Human Rights Commission, urging people who feel they've been discriminated against or harassed because of their race or religion to come forward. 

The public awareness campaign is a response to this video that went viral this month showing a passenger named Ashley on an S53 bus from Brooklyn to Staten Island verbally abusing a woman wearing a hijab.

"You no citizen! You no citizen! You don't speak English!" the passenger says in the video.

The commission is trying to identify the bullying woman. So far, neither she nor her victim have been identified.

Saleh Ali says his wife has been harassed many times and never reported it, just like the victim in that video.

"My wife wears the niqab, so she just shows her eyes. She occasionally walks in the street, and you get some non-Muslim people spit at her. Like, 'You terrorist,'" he said. 

Some say what's also disturbing about that video is that among all the bystanders on that crowded S53 bus, no one came to the defense of the young Muslim mother. That's why the Arab American Association of New York is hosting bystander intervention training next week to teach people what they can do if they're witness to a racist rant.

"One person could be like, 'Cut that out.' Someone else can hear it and be like, 'Hey, this person feels the same way I'm feeling. I agree. Cut that out,'" said Reem Ramadan of the Arab American Association of New York.