NEW YORK - City fire officials now say 14 people suffered injuries from the steam pipe burst in Flatiron early Thursday morning.

It happened just before 7 a.m. on Fifth Avenue near 21st Street.

A total of 49 buildings were evacuated, displacing nearly 500 people.

The head of New York City Emergency Managment says 19th Street, and Fifth Avenue between 18th Street and 19th Street, have been cleaned and were reopened Friday evening.

Meanwhile, concerns over the impending nor'easter has the cleanup effort focused on containing the contaminants.

Saturday's rain is expected to wash the debris off the buildings near the explosion site. 

Crews are working to catch the debris that washes off the buildings and streets using berms or embankments.

"In a way, it is going to help. It will wash those buildings down that have asbestos on it now," said Joseph Esposito, commissioner of NYC Emergency Management. "The problem is catching that debris and making it safe."

For more information on updates on the area affected by the steam pipe explosion, visit or call 311.