NEW YORK - A federal jury returned guilty verdicts in the Buffalo Billion trial Thursday, which could mean hefty ramifications for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Jurors convicted the architect of Cuomo's Buffalo Billion Project, Alain Kaloyeros, and his co-defendants on all counts in the corruption trial. 

Kaloyeros who spearheaded the upstate economic development program was found guilty of bid-rigging, steering lucrative contracts to two upstate development firms in Buffalo and Syracuse. 

The jury also returned guilty verdicts against developer Louis P. Ciminelli of Buffalo's giant RiverBend industrial project, saying bids were rigged so Ciminelli's company got the business.

The jury also convicted two Syracuse-area developers, Steven Aiello and Joseph Gerardi, in a similar bid-rigging scheme.

Governor Cuomo released a statement saying, "The jury has spoken and justice has been done. There can be no tolerance for those who seek to defraud the system to advance their own personal interests. Anyone who has committed such an egregious act should be punished to the full extent of the law."

Gubernatorial challenger Cynthia Nixon responded with a statement of her own, reading in part, "We can’t clean up Albany until we clean out the governor’s mansion. Nothing is going to change until we change who’s in charge."