A man was killed and about half a dozen people were taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after a car crashed into a Staten Island home following a shootout near a courthouse, police said.


Court officials said a dispute started around noon before some men had scheduled court appearances at Staten Island Supreme Court in St. George. The men were issued disorderly conduct summonses.

Police said another fight, in which someone brandished a knife, broke out in front of the building a little while later.

When court officers went outside to try and break up the fight, a group of people jumped into a vehicle that sped through the streets of the neighborhood. A man told NY1 that his son owns the van and was violently carjacked in front of the courthouse.

At some point, according to police, the minivan became involved in a shootout before it plowed into a man and drove into a house on Fort Place and Montgomery Ave. It is not clear what started the shootout, but police said they believe the man killed had opened fire on the vehicle before it plowed into him.

Police said the 26-year-old man, who was pinned between the vehicle and the house, died at the scene. Officials did not confirm if he was killed due to the crash or from gunshot wounds.

Court officers said they apprehended at gunpoint a group of men who were in the car. The identities of the people taken into custody have not been confirmed at this time. Police said one gun was recovered at the scene.

Four people suffered minor injuries in the incident, the NYPD said.

Police said they are investigating if this incident was gang-related.

The identity of the man killed has not been released at this time.


Sources tell NY1 that a woman, who was waiting for a bus around the corner, was shot in the face around the same time. Police are investigating if that shooting was connected to the car chase and shooting near the courthouse. The NYPD said the 67-year-old woman was shot on Jersey St. near Hendricks Ave.