A show of solidarity in the Bronx for children separated from their families at the border and brought to the city to be placed in foster homes. 

Catholic Charities is one of two organizations in the Bronx housing and processing the children. Its Bronx director, Father Eric Cruz, says Catholic Charities is taking good care of them.

"Immediate care, making sure they’re being cared for on every level, mental, physical and educationally, the comfort, the peace and the stress and eventual reunion," Cruz said.

Cruz says the dirt on his shoes is from McAllen, Texas. He was there Thursday, with religious leaders who met with the migrants at the center of the crisis. 

He says Catholic Charities of New York has a history of helping unaccompanied minors, children who cross the border without their parents. But this week, in the Bronx and around the state, his nonprofit, he says, began processing children separated by immigration agents at the border. 

The charity would not say exactly how many of these children are now under its care, but admitted it is a large number. 

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday supposedly ending the separation policy, but it still wasn't clear Friday what will happen to children already separated. Cruz anticipates more children will be sent to the city.

"It’s just natural to believe they’re going to be coming," he said.

Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. called a news conference with other politicians Friday and revealed that some children were brought here. He said he had no idea this was happening anywhere in the city until NY1 reported that five girls from the border were taken to an intake center in East Harlem at 12:45 a.m. Wednesday. Diaz said he then learned that some children were also in the Bronx. 

"NY1 was the first time, the mayor, the governor, none of us knew this," Diaz said. "They bring them here, they wisk them in the wee hours of the night."

Catholic Charities said if people want to help the children, they are in need of clothing and other donations. For more information, head to catholiccharitiesny.org.