Chefs, bakers and more are preparing to serve up some of their best fare in the coming days, with the return of a much-loved annual food fair.

Fifty-seven vendors vendors will be showing off dishes at BROOKLYN EATS next week.

The annual fair aims to give New Yorkers a taste of what local entrepreneurs have to offer, as well as affording vendors the opportunity to meet new business partners. 

Cooks will be bringing samples of inspired yogurt, chocolate, aromatics and much more to sample.

Lotta Andonian and Amy Nazer from Eat Chic Chocolates and Woodward Extract Co. say the fair is a good way to gain exposure for their products, adding "a lot of us don't have storefronts yet so we sell online, or we sell to retail stores around Brooklyn and Manhattan so it's a good opportunity to try our products."

BROOKLYN EATS kicks off at BKLYN Studios next Thursday at 10 am. Tickets are priced at $10 each.