The Spuyten Duyvil Bridge in the Bronx is getting a major lift this summer.

All 1.6 million pounds of the rail bridge were lifted with a massive crane onto a barge, where it will undergo repairs to electrical and mechanical components damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

The bridge serves as a key link for 30 Amtrak trains that travel daily between Penn Station, Albany and into Canada. 

During the repairs, those trains are being rerouted in and out of Grand Central terminal. 

"Most people here in Spuyten Duyvil are coming down to take a look at it. There's an overlook over there where everyone is going. Kids are coming down it's massive so everyone's interested," said one onlooker.

"We first saw the lights that are at the top of it from our window up in our apartment in the Bronx and we were wondering what that huge thing was," notd another onlooker.

Amtrak says the bridge is slated to be set back in place by late August or early September.