A 15-month old baby girl is alive thanks to some quick thinking NYPD officers.

Police say two officers were sitting in their car at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Brighton Beach Avenue Saturday night, when Caroline Ivanov started banging on their window.

She told the officers her baby daughter, Chloe, had a seizure and was not breathing. 

The officers radioed in a third officer, Daniel Newman, who is also a certified EMT. He started performing CPR on baby Chole in a squad car, while the officers rushed the baby to the hospital.

"There was no breathing, blue in the face, I couldn't feel a pulse," said Newman. "I did CPR in the back trying to get an airway on the baby. As we were pulling into the driveway of Coney Island hospital I was about to do mouth to mouth when the baby coughed up in my face and started to cry a little bit."

The baby was examined in the pediatric emergency room.

She was then treated and released.