The deadline has officially passed, and there will not be a state monitor for the city’s public housing system for at least another week. 

Back in April, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency at NYCHA apartments.

But during an exclusive interview on NY1 Friday, he said he's going to delay the appointment of a public housing monitor because the city and federal government could soon reach a settlement on the management of NYCHA. It’s an agreement that may require a federal monitor instead of one on the state level.  

"Let's see if there's actually an agreement between the city government and the feds," Cuomo said. "We'll suspend our executive order for seven days to see if that agreement actually happens. If it doesn't, I'll do a new executive order. If they do do an agreement, then we'll take a look at the agreement and see what the city actually did, how much they're actually paying, and we'll go from there."

Cuomo has allocated $550 million in state funding to improve conditions, with the stipulation that someone be appointed to oversee the repairs.