Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon went underground Friday to visit straphangers in Brooklyn. 

Nixon met with subway riders in the Borough Hall station in Brooklyn Heights.

She unveiled her plan Thursday for revamping the subway system. 

Nixon suggested a congestion pricing plan, and is calling for a $5.26 tax for drivers entering and leaving Manhattan business districts.

She says Cuomo hasn't done enough for the transit system.

"Governor Cuomo hasn't fought for the subways. He hasn't fought for comprehensive congestion pricing. He said earlier this year that he embraced it, but what he passed and what he fought for was a small part of it, a fraction of it," Nixon said.

Nixon also supports a millionaires' tax to fund the subway fix, a plan pushed by Mayor Bill de Blasio but opposed by Cuomo. 

During a phone call to NY1, Cuomo explained exactly why he disagress with Nixon on the millionaire's tax. 

"It's a great political idea because the only people who oppose it are the millionaires," Cuomo said. "From a legislative point of view, there's been a real concern that we will chase people with wealth from the state, especially now that we have an added tax. I call it the Trump tax."

The governor did say he supports congestion pricing to fund the transit system.

Cuomo said a revenue stream is needed to help with subway repairs and a way to ease the traffic in Manhattan.

He said his goal is to have the legislature pass the plan next year.