The city is rolling out a new pilot program that will set aside hundreds of dedicated parking spaces for car share services.

The 309 spots will be located in neighborhoods around Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens.

Starting June 4, Enterprise CarShare and Zipcar vehicles will be available, with signs marking the exact locations. 

The city hopes the two-year pilot will help to ease the traffic congestion and improve air quality.

People NY1 spoke to, however, say the program will limit parking spaces for residents who own cars. 

"The parking spaces are pretty limited over here, so it's going to be inconvenient for people who live here and probably everybody else," said one New Yorker.

"I think that's going to be super annoying for all of us that park on the street," said another.

"It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but I can see, as a general populus, how it can be frustrating," said a third. "If I'm coming in late to work and, 'Oh there's a spot, but it's only for car sharing,' that's going to be frustrating."

Vehicles will also be available at specific Transportation Department municipal parking lots. 

The pilot program will also set aside 24 parking spaces at various public housing developements for car share vehicles.