Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a rousing speech Thursday after winning the support of Democratic delegates, vowing to further move the state forward if he's elected to a third term in November.

He was introduced at the convention on Long Island by former Vice President Joe Biden who praised Cuomo's leadership.

"We are the party that enacts real life solutions for real people with real problems in real times," Cuomo told supporters.

Both Biden and Cuomo applauded the accomplishments of the current administration in Albany, including the progress made in updated infrastructure across the state as well as the Excelsior Scholarship program.

Cuomo, who secured 95 percent of the vote Wednesday for his reelection bid, made no mention of his opponent Cynthia Nixon.

He also received a rousing endorsement from Hillary Clinton.

Nixon was on hand Wednesday even though she was not expecting to even get 25 percent of the delegation vote.

Nixon will now go through the process of petitioning to get on the September ballot.

Democrats also nominated Public Advocate Letitia James for State Attorney General.

The Public Advocate secured 85 percent of delegates' votes at the State's Democratic Convention.

But she isn't the official candidate just yet. 

Zephyr Teachout and Leecia Eve were also put up for nomination and are planning to run against James in the primary.

They now need to get 15,000 signatures to get on the ballot.

But James is confident she will be the next Attorney General.

"There perhaps has never been a more important time for a strong, independent Attorney General who will restore public integrity and respect to our government and she is ready for the job," James said.

The position opened earlier this month when incumbent Eric Schneiderman resigned amid abuse allegations.

If elected, James would become the first black woman to hold the position of New York State Attorney General.