Police have arrested three people in connection with several synthetic marijuana overdoses in Brooklyn over the weekend.

The men ages 22 through 26 are charged with selling untaxed cigarettes and failure to report sales taxes.

Police say 25 people apparently overdosed on the illegal drug known as K2.

It happened Saturday night at the intersection of Broadway and Myrtle Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Investigators believe the overdoses are connected to a deli in the neighborhood.

"Just when I was coming down here, there was a guy who was like a zombie basically with his shirt off trying to walk up a curb, stumbling backwards," said one neighborhood resident.

"Some of the local shop owners are now using what's called runners. So, not selling it absolutely out of the store, but having people who are working outside of the store who are loosely associated with the stores doing their business for them," said Brooklyn City Councilman Robert Cornegy. "So we have to escalate our efforts in an effort to stop this scourge in our community."

In 2016, 33 people suspected of using K2 at the very same intersection were hospitalized. 

Synthetic marijuana has been banned in the city since 2015.