NEW YORK - A two bedroom Greenwich Village apartment that has rented for just $28 per month is truly one for lovers of city real estate lore.

Actress Patricia O'Grady had lived there since 1955, when the rent was just $16 a month. 

She was hit by a car in March and passed away at 84-years-old.

The rent only stayed so low because of rent-control and a kind landlord. 

The apartment had no hot water or bath.

The landlord ended up putting a heating system in the apartment for heat and hot water, but O'Grady never used it.

She wouldn't let him in and the landlord thinks it's because she was embarrassed about how the apartment looked.

The landlord says he plans on renovating the place and re-listing it for about $5,000 a month.

Photo credit: Stefano Giovannini