A lifelong Queens resident has found a unique way to capitalize on her booming neighborhood.

Telisha Lee was born, raised and is now a business owner in Long Island City.

Just last month, she opened up an "I love NY" gift shop after tourists staying in the area were heading to Manhattan to shop for souvenirs.

Lee's store, a lot like the ones typically seen in Midtown, sell everything from Empire State Building figurines to I love NY t-shirts. 

With more than five thousand hotel rooms already in operation and a number of hotels on the way in LIC,  Lee says the prospect for good business is promising.

"When people go on vacation they normally save a lot of their shopping for the last minute and it's like of we have to travel all the way back here and sometimes you just want to look right across the street and say hey I can go get something at the local gift shop," Lee said.

Lee has set up a website for her store, where visitors can shop online and have their purchases delivered right to their hotel rooms. 

She tells NY1 that she hopes to one day sell souvenirs specific to Long Island City.