A man was pronounced dead Saturday in Queens in a house where a two-alarm fire raged a day earlier, the city police department said.

Police said the FDNY reentered the house and found a 39-year-old man unresponsive inside. He was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.

The victim's identity hasn't been released at this time, but a man, Wali Ullah, told NY1 that he believes the victim is his relative, M.D. Golam Saroar.

Ullah said he and his family went to a number of hospitals looking for their loved one when they couldn't get in touch with him after the fire at the house on Case St. near Elmhurst Ave. Ullah said the family then went to the Red Cross, which prompted the FDNY to back into the home. Officials haven't confirmed at this time if the person found dead in the house is Saroar.

"I know that's him, but it's hard to believe, you know, that it's going to be him," Ullah said Saturday night. "That's ridiculous to be honest, because at least if we had known Thursday or Friday, if they took him to the hospital — severely injured even — maybe you could have saved him."

Fire officials said more than 100 firefighters had responded to the blaze in the two-story house around 5:10 a.m. Friday in Elmhurst.

12 people were hurt due to the fire, including eight firefighters who suffered serious but not life threatening injuries. 20 residents were also displaced.

Fire marshals said faulty electrical wiring caused the fire. Smoke detectors were present but weren't working at the time, officials said.

The investigation is ongoing.


Image above is of the house on Case St. after the fire Friday.