UCF’s Florida Solar Energy Center was packed on Saturday for the 15th annual EnergyWhiz.

  • UCF's 15th annual EnergyWhiz showcase
  • Over 500 FL students participated
  • Event showcases student built projects

More than 500 students from 41 schools across Florida participated and about 112 teams.

The day long event showcases student built projects. The judges are professionals in the business.

While some kids are racing towards the finish line with their solar powered cars, others are using the sun to cook up a dish or two, and a large group of kids created animal habitats and used solar to power some of the features.

“It’s to create a suitable habitat for a fun animal, it’s realistic habitat, something could actually live in here,” said 12-year-old Julianna Haeuber from Central Middle School.

One of the judges, Brevard Zoo Employee Benjamin Kiszkiel, says this kind of event gives kids the chance to be part of the future. It can also give the zoo ideas on how to make their real life animal habitats better.

“How well the kids are able to accommodate the animals--is it big enough, environmentally friendly? Will the animal actually enjoy living in it?” Kiszkiel explains.