Mayor de Blasio has shot down a proposal to make 14th Street in Manhattan "bus only" all the time during the L train tunnel shutdown.

Commuters say that buses will need to run along 14th Street constantly during the 15-month period when the L train shuts down.

De Blasio has settled on the idea of keeping cars off that street only during rush hours.

"It's a common sense matter that the level of people traveling at rush hour, morning and evening, is different from other times of the day. We would like to minimize the disruption on 14th Street to the maximum extent possible. So this is where we think we hit the balance point," De Blasio said.

Critics argue if the changes are not in effect all day long, gridlock will be a nightmare.

"It's really not looking out for the common guy right now. So we need that bus there, we need that bus 24/7 just to help us commute back and forth," said one rider.

The mayor adds that the city can adjust the plans if needed.