Some residents of Puerto Rico who relocated to the city after Hurricane Maria may be evicted from their temporary homes.

They've been receiving financial assistance from the federal government to pay for hotels in the New York City area.

But the program is set to expire, and that could mean hundreds of families could be forced out as early as this weekend.

Community advocates and displaced families rallied outside City Hall Thursday, making the push for a more permanent solution to the humanitarian crisis.

"The primary role of government is to provide for the essential services of it's people regardless of where they are and regardless of whether they migrate from one jurisdiction to another. That's the essential function of government. And these families continue to be treated as though they are second class or third class citizens -both in Puerto Rico and as evacuees," said Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, an attorney for Latino Justice.

The governor of Puerto Rico has sent a letter to FEMA seeking an extension through June 30th, so children may finish school before returning to the island.