The Jewish holiday of Passover is now underway, having begun at sundown.

Friday was the first night of the traditional Passover meal, known as the Seder.

Many at an Upper East Side grocery store were stocking up on foods that are strictly Kosher for Passover. They include matzah, which is unleavened bread.

The tradition dates back to Biblical times when the Jews were escaping Egypt and didn't have time for their bread to rise.

The store begins its Passover preparations about a month before the holiday.

A rabbi is even on hand to make sure everything in the store meets standards.

"We literally gut the whole thing down, from meat refrigeration, each oven being cleaned," said Liron Shamsiav, rabbi at Park East Kosher.

"We have to keep everything up to standards. And if we miss anything, we have additional rabbis on staff," said Michael Kane, owner of Park East Kosher.

"I got some salmon fillets and some Quinoa Fritters and some eclairs," said Daniel Kahn, an Upper East Side resident.

The eight-day holiday ends at sundown next Saturday.