Thousands of Christians observe Good Friday to commemorate the cruxification and death of Jesus Christ.

Several churches across the five boroughs took part in the "Way of the Cross," which marks Jesus' journey through Jerusalem. 

In Midtown, Christians braved the rain and walked along 42nd Street to the West Side.

In Brooklyn Heights, Catholics carried the cross over the Brooklyn Bridge from Cathedral Basilica of St. James to the World Trade Center.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio spoke about the significance of making the journey over the bridge.

"It's a tremendous monument to man's ingenuity, having took 15 years to build it, many lives were lost, but it connected the boroughs as a means of transportation and communication, and because the arch is there, like a church practically. So it's appropriate that we begin going across the bridge," DiMarzio said.

Many Christians consider Good Friday to be one of the most solemn days of the year.