NEW YORK - Cardinal Timothy Dolan is asking Governor Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers to reject legislation that gives child abuse victims a window to revive old legal cases. 

Dolan reportedly made an unannounced trip to Albany on Tuesday.

According to the Daily News, he says the idea of a "lookback window would be toxic" and lead to a string of cases agaist the Catholic church. 

A lookback is among the most controversial parts of the Child Victims Act.

It would make it easier for abuse survivors to seek justice as adults, by extending the timeframes during which they can bring criminal and civil cases. 

Versions of the bill introduced by Governor Cuomo and approved by the Democrat-controlled Assembly would include a one-year window. 

The GOP-controlled Senate has blocked passage of the bills for years. 

Advocates of the bill are hoping it will be included as part of the state's new budget, which is due by April 1.