The city council unveiled its recommendations to address overcrowding in schools Tuesday.

Councilmembers released a new report called "Planning to Learn: The School Building Challenge."

The report recommends making it easier and faster to build new schools, especially when the resources to do so are already in place.

It also calls for new funding strategies and new solutions to overcrowding, including enrollment caps.

A department of education spokesperson released a statement on the report, saying:

"We are committed to addressing overcrowding across this city, and have invested significant resources to increase seat capacity, reduce class size and replace outdated facilities.

"As part of the current Capital Plan, we are investing $6.5 billion to create more than 46,600 seats in overcrowded areas, including 25 new DOE sites with 8,400 new seats since last year, and 14 new locations with 4,650 seats at the start of the next school year."