SALISBURY -- A recent report by a real estate group "Neighborhood Scout" has listed the City of Salisbury as one of the most dangerous cities in America.

But Salisbury police say the information is misleading.

The group used crime data from 2016 to create the report. And Neighborhood Scout said that data came straight from the FBI.

But Major Barnes says, because of the way the FBI counts victims involved in incidents, the report listed 14 homicides in Salisbury, when Barnes says there were only 10 people killed in 2016.

And the city's violent crime has significantly dropped since that year.

“We only ask citizens to dig a little deeper and come by and talk to us and kind of get the real story. Unfortunately, social media is kind of like a double edge sword.  It's great in that we can get information out quickly. We can connect with our friends and family members in times of crisis or in times of celebration. But also we can't control the stories that may be put out there.”

Major Barnes says if you would like to view the Salisbury Police Department's annual report you can do so on their department website.

He also says the department is changing the system they report information to the FBI because of those inconsistencies.