The city Health Department has launched a new campaign to help New Yorkers quit smoking.

The new ad features Commissioner Mary Bassett and other former smokers, revealing how many times they tried to quit smoking, before they were able to kick the habit.

The message: quit now, regardless of how many times you've tried to quit in the past.

The ad comes as new numbers show the state's adult smoking rate has hit a record low.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's office says 14.2 percent of adults were smokers in 2016, compared to 14.5 percent the year before.

The Health Department says smoking kills about 12,000 people in the city every year.

It can also cause serious health issues like stroke, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, vascular disease, and more than ten types of cancer.

The health department has some helpful tips to help you quit for good.

They include making a list of reasons for quitting, sticking to a quit date and asking family and friends for support.