Everything is very small at Gulliver's Gate, where cities of the world are displayed in miniature. But on this Valentine's Day, love looms large at the Times Square attraction. NY1's Roger Clark explains.

Ashley Priest and Walter Iniguez met for the first time in person on Valentine's Day two years ago — and it went well, to say the least.

"As soon as I saw her and we started talking I knew that she was definitely the one," said Iniguez.

The couple have a destination wedding planned for next month in the Dominican Republic - but legally needed to share their vows in the US first. They chose to do it here at Gulliver's Gate, the massive Times Square attraction that features miniature models of cities and landmarks around the world, offering up destination weddings on Valentine's Day — without the international flight.

"People love a destination wedding," said Jason Hackett Chief Marketing Officer of Gulliver's Gate. "But you know its February, it's hard to get out of work and maybe you don't have the funds. You can come over to 44th Street and pick the place in the world you want to get married."

They picked the teeny tiny replica of Paris, where they will visit for their first anniversary. They also agreed to be married during the NY1 Mornings On 1 show — with some reporter guy holding a microphone behind them.

Somehow it all worked. All Faiths Minister Dr. Sheila Gross said squeezing the ceremony into a three-minute TV segment was a challenge, but the length of the ceremony is not what counts.

"I think if you really come from your heart it kinda doesn't matter but usually my ceremonies are longer," Gross said.

If you weren't getting married here at Gulliver's Gate, you could still get in on the Valentine's Day fun. Take a scavenger hunt and find scenes of love all over this miniature world.

Of course the best scene of love, was not miniature at all. Best of luck to Ashley and Walter.