A judge on Monday awarded a total of $6.75 million to artists whose famous graffiti work was erased by the owner of the former 5Pointz Building in Queens.

The award will be dished out to the 21 artists for various amounts, with one artist, Jonathan Cohen, expected to receive more than $1 million.

A jury found in November that the 5Pointz Building owner, Jerry Wolkoff, broke the law when he whitewashed the building and erased aerosol art from dozens of artists before destroying the building.

For almost 20 years, Wolkoff had allowed the artists to use the building as their mural. In 2013, he decided to redevelop the property into luxury apartments.

The 21 artists sued Wolkoff, saying the pieces of graffiti were protected works of art under an obscure law, the Visual Artists Rights Act.