There is mounting criticism over a controversial decision at a Queens high school.

Officials at the school told a student he was not allowed to put "Malcolm X" on the back of his senior sweater, even though that's his name.

Malcolm Xavier Combs is a senior at Christ the King High School in Middle Village.

He says he was pulled out of class by a school administrator after they found out about the senior's plans.

"She said I did not want to be associated with that name. She asked me if that was my real name and I said yes. Either way, her husband walked into the office and she said, 'This is the new Malcolm X,' and she laughed at me," Combs said.

"You made it a media issue when you did not call us as his parents when you thought there was a problem with his name," said Mychelle Combs, the student's mother.

In a statement, Christ the King High School said the situation was taken out of context.

School officials also said there is a rule against students putting any nicknames or initials on their senior sweaters.