RALEIGH — Psychiatrist Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha remembers the night as if it were last night.

"We can hear the sirens. We can remember the ride to Chapel Hill. We can remember the talks, the night, the darkness, anguish and the cries and the 5,000 people at the funeral," he tells Spectrum News.

His college-aged daughters, Yusor and Razan were gunned down, along with Yusor's husband, Deah Barakat, Feb. 10, 2015.

"Three years of pain, grief, loss, emptiness in the house, a void inside and flashbacks of trauma."

The deadly shooting happened inside the newlywed's Chapel Hill condo. Their neighbor, Craig Hicks, is charged with their murders and could face the death penalty. Investigators first believed the shooting stemmed from a parking dispute, but then backed off. They haven't labeled it a hate crime against the Muslim students, but Abu-Salha believes otherwise.

"This crime was on-air throughout the world, on-air, within minutes."

Hicks remains behind bars as prosecutors and defense attorneys prepare for the trial although a date still hasn't been set. Abu-Salha says he's patient.

"I trust in justice. I trust in the system."

But tributes continue to pour in for the victims dubbed "Our Three Winners." Relatives say they were known for giving back to the community.

"I want the community to remember how much they loved their neighbors and how they fed the hungry and the homeless in downtown Raleigh."