A Williamsville man involved in a deadly crash near a Buffalo airport last summer will be on probation for the next five years.

Lawrence Penna, 68, admitted to leaving the scene of an incident that left a woman dead.

He received a sentence of probation and a fine of $138 in court Friday. His license will be revoked for one year. 

Back in June, Penna was driving to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport to pick up a family member when he crashed into a vehicle.

A woman inside the other car was killed. Two others were injured.

Penna admitted to driving away from the crash. He had been facing up to seven years in prison.

His attorney argued that he was a Vietnam veteran and left because of PTSD.

Had he stayed, he would have faced different charges, as the driver of the vehicle was partly at fault for the collision, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn said previously.