Most city buses aren't "making the grade" when it comes to speedy pickups and drop offs.

Only two  lines in the city received an "A" in a report by The Bus Turnaround Coalition: the BX-29 in the Bronx and Q-35 in Queens.

The report analyzed speeds and reliability over the last year.

In Manhattan, the 36 got a failing grade.

In Queens the 21 got an "F", as well as the 16 in Brooklyn, the 14 in the Bronx, and the 2 on Staten Island.

We caught up with riders in the Bronx who say they're not surprised by the results.

"This sucks," said one rider. "It's like extremely long — it's like they're coming from somewhere no one else is coming from."

"It sucks," said another. "Because, especially the 23 bus, it takes too long and we're just standing there in this cold."

"It's cold," said a third. "We have to wait out for like an hour, especially the 29 bus on City Island. It takes a long time."

The coalition also made recommendations to improve pick up and drop off times around the city — like creating more bus lanes and giving drivers signal priority on at least 20 different routes.