RALEIGH -- State Supreme Court Justices heard  arguments Wednesday  over who should control the state's largest education issues. 

In 2016 the State Board of Education sued over a law that shifts authority on many issues from members to the state superintendent.

Attorneys for the board believe the law should be invalidated, while Superintendent Mark Johnson says he should be able to carry out his duties as laid out in the law. 

"The ability to implement what the state board has chosen to do in the context of administering and supervising the public school system is arguably, by this legislation, transferred to the superintendent," said Bob Orr, attorney for the State Board of Education.

"The state board, while well-meaning, are a group of unelected, part-time officials who come in once a month and really dictate how the day-to-day management is done of DPI," Johnson commented while speaking with Capital Tonight anchor Tim Boyum on Wednesday afternoon.

There is no timeline for when a decision will be made. 



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