Police say a murder last week in Queens may have been connected to  MS-13.

Officials say 20-year-old Oscar Antonio Blanco-Hernandez from New Jersey was fatally shot on February 2 in Jamaica Hills.

He is seen in this surveillance video walking towards 160th Street from Parsons Boulevard with two people the police are still looking for.

A few minutes later, the two men are seen quickly walking away from 160th Street.

"He left his house in New Jersey at about 11:30 in the afternoon," said NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce. "He then texted his father at 17:30, 5:30 at night and basically said, I'm going to be late. And then we believe he was shot to death at 6:30 in the evening."

Police say they've working with the FBI, and police in Nassau and Suffolk County where MS-13 is highly active.