ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Crews maintain nearly 750 miles of roads in the Town of Greece. It's a big job which requires rigorous planning, efficient equipment and proper manpower.

With the town being one of the largest suburbs in Monroe County, it's no surprise that it has a fleet of more than 50 plow trucks to help residents get through snow storms.

"We have to stay patient because there are a lot of impatient people out there, people trying to slip by us when we're running teams," said Louis Ranzzante, a foreman for the Greece Department of Public Works.

Officials say one way to make the job easier for plow operators is to give them plenty of room. Drivers can create dangerous situations when attempting to weave around plows.

"These are big trucks, it takes a little bit to stop them. They've got pretty heavy equipment on them and they could do a lot of damage to the car and possibly injure somebody, so just stay away and if you stay behind them you'll be driving on a clean road," said Bill Reilich, Greece Town Supervisor.