An 11-year-old boy died Tuesday after he fell through the ice of a pond in a Queens park, according to the city police department.

Police confirmed Anthony Perez's death Tuesday evening.

Officials said he fell through the ice in Forest Park sometime before 4:05 p.m.

Officials said Perez and another child were out on the frozen pond despite a sign for thin ice being near it.

Perez had traveled out about 50 feet before the ice gave way and he fell through, the city fire department said. The other child then went to get help.

It is not clear how long Perez was submerged in the water, but the fire department said first responders were on the scene within four minutes once someone called 911.

Three members of the fire department broke through the ice, were about chest-deep in the freezing waters, and managed to pull Perez out of the water. He was then transported to Jamaica Hospital and officials said he was in serious condition.

The first responders who went into the ice had personal flotation devices but were not in cold weather suits, officials said. Two were being treated for hypothermia.

Officials warn that with the temperature above freezing Tuesday, icy ponds throughout the five boroughs will not support the weight of people, even if the ice appears thick.