Not many New Yorkers may know this piece of city trivia: Famed writer Edgar Allan Poe once lived in the Bronx.

The cottage he stayed in still stands at Kingsbridge Road and Grand Concourse.

Poe lived there from 1846 to 1849, penning many works within its walls.

"'The Cask of Amontillado.' He wrote 'The Bells,' 'Annabel Lee,'" said Angel Hernandez, director of programs at the Bronx County Historical Society. "And he lived here with his young wife Virginia and his mother-in-law Mrs. Clem, and the very reason was to save Virginia from saving from tuberculosis. At the time, there wasn't any cures, no effective methods to fight the disease, so the doctor would send you out to the countryside and see if you can breathe in that clean fresh air."

Unfortunately, Poe's wife Virginia died in the house in 1847. Poe himself died two years later in Baltimore under mysterious circumstances. 

The cottage was transformed into a museum in 1913 and is owned by the city's Parks Department.

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