SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A former Syracuse firefighter accused of tampering with physical evidence in a fatal hit and run will not be indicted.

The grand jury delivered a 'no bill' report Tuesday morning. That means there's not sufficient evidence to indict Ted Ackerman.

Last March, former district attorney investigator Peter Rauch hit and killed 18-year-old Seth Collier. Rauch was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison in November.

Sources said Ackerman unplugged camera wires of surveillance video showing Rauch drive into the Pastime Athletic Club, where Ackerman was president, after that crash. And the unplugging is where that tampering with physical evidence charge came from.

However, the grand jury did not find that he concealed, altered or destructed evidence.

"From a moral point and an ethical point of view, I think Mr. Ackerman deserves all the criticism that he's been given,” said Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes. "Fortunately, as a prosecutor isn't to be the policeman of moral rightness or wrongness, it's to look at the law, and unfortunately, this is one of those situations where the law fails to capture the moral failing that took place."

Ackerman is currently trying to get his job back in the Syracuse Fire Department. He was fired shortly after his arrest. He has since appealed to be reinstated, and that decision was pending arbitration from the city. Seth Collier's mother has petitioned against him being reinstated, gathering 4,000 signatures of her own to send to the city.

No decision has been made on his job status at this point.

The city of Syracuse released a statement on the decision. Robert Stamey, the director of personnel, said: “We respect the finding of the Grand Jury in the criminal proceeding. In the arbitration regarding his employment, the city will defend its termination of Mr. Ackerman. Out of respect for that process, the city is not in a position to say more at this time.”