A New York Mets super fan from Staten Island succeeded Saturday in a social media challenge to take her prom photos with her favorite team.

Callie Quinn is a senior at New Dorp High School and was worried she would not get a date for her senior prom.

That prompted the 17-year-old to message the Mets on Twitter eight days ago, asking the team how many retweets she would need to take her prom photos with a player.

To Quinn's surprise, the Mets answered and told her that if she gets 500,000 retweets she can take prom pictures at Citi Field on May 18 with some players:

Shortly before 4 p.m. Saturday, Quinn reached the goal.

Quinn said her actual prom is a few days after May 18, but the team will be traveling that day.

"I'm going to be crying so much, and I'm getting really excited to get my dress on early and get my hair done and makeup done," Quinn said in an interview with NY1 on Monday as the challenge took Twitter by storm.

Through a #CalliesMetsProm hashtag that the Mets created, and Quinn's constant engagement on Twitter, the Mets fan's message was retweeted more than 172,000 times in just a few days. She even garnered support from celebrities like Donnie Wahlberg, William Shatner, and even former Mets player Curtis Granderson.

"One person is from Israel who retweeted, there was one from Australia," Quinn said. "A lot of people from the UK are retweeting and they're showing their support. I think that's crazy."

And being a true fan, Quinn earlier this week was already envisioning how she might add some Mets flair to her prom outfit:

Quinn: I'm hoping to buy a navy or royal blue dress.

NY1: With orange accessories?

Quinn: Yeah, I have to get an orange corsage!