AUSTIN, Texas -- Plans for a possible soccer stadium on Butler Shores park, on Toomey Road, have been scrapped.

“Austin needs more parks not fewer parks and a stadium that is only having games a few times a year, or a handful of times, I don’t think is consistent with what people want in our park system,” Marc Stevens, a resident of the Coldwater apartments across the street from the park said.

Owners who are contemplating a move to the capitol city ditched the plans after considering community feedback but it’s not game over yet.

“There are still a couple of city properties that may work. There may be a couple of other properties that the city doesn’t own that may work also,” Mark Littlefield, a consultant contracted by Precourt Sports Ventures said.

In the latest move, a resolution to prevent city parkland from being used for a soccer stadium has also been scrapped. In a tweet, District 5 council member Ann Kitchen says “I believe this is a step in the right direction. I understand that city staff will not bring forward a report on potential locations Feb 15 so our res will not be on agenda. I believe we can find an appropriate location for a soccer stadium that works for all”

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Austin is still an attractive city to the owners.

“Precourt Sports Ventures is still very interested and wants to come to Austin. The Austin city council, if you poll those numbers, they say yes we all hope we can do something to bring an MLS stadium to Austin. The devil is in the details,” Littlefield said.

In South Austin, residents are happy to stay on the sidelines.

“I think they should definitely consider Austin but I think they should also understand the culture of Austin and the desire to have a park system that is robust,” Stevens said.

No word yet on which other locations may be under official consideration. Staff at Austin Parks and Rec are expected to present a list to city council.

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