While a warm up is in the forecast this week, people in one Brooklyn neighborhood are looking for ways to keep cool.

Gowanus, a notorious industrial area suffers from what experts call urban heat island effect or U-H-I.

Because of the high number of concrete buildings and little green space, higher temperatures last for longer periods of time and plague the neighborhood in the warmer months.  Experts say U-H-I can worsen the effects of pollution and cause health problems. 

Members of the Urban Land Institute and the Fifth Avenue Committee conducted a study to come up with ways to alleviate the problem.  

"If you walk down third avenue on a hot summer day, it is hard to find a tree in the entire length of the community and so it is something that resonated for people," said Michelle de La Uz, Executive Director of the Fifth Avenue Committee.

The groups recommendations include adding new parks, more vegetation and giving developers more incentives to construct green buildings.

Their findings come as the city prepares to rezone the neighborhood which would likely spur more development.