The response to help the survivors of that deadly Bronx fire has been so overwhelming; a clothing drive planned for Sunday has been cancelled.

A mountain of clothes and other essentials filled the donation area at the Church of St. Martin of Tours.

More than 20 families were left homeless after Thursday's fire and even those who don't know them personally are pitching in to help.

"Think of it as family, even though I don't know the person directly," said one. "But because we're all living in the same neighborhood to me that's like family. And when you see a family member hurting and in need you're going to do whatever you can to help them."

Twelve people were killed in the apartment fire, the city's deadliest in nearly three decades.

Investigators say it was started by a young boy playing with burners on a stove.

They say the mother took her children and ran--but left the door open, which allowed the flames to spread up the stairs.

The city says all buildings with more than three units are required to have self-closing doors, and it is looking into why the door did not shut.