We are now in week two of our month-long series here on NY1 called "30 Days Two Different Ways," where we look at two ways to help drop some pounds. Kristen Shaughnessy shows us how our Audrey Gruber has tackled the challenge, with some help from a celebrity trainer.

"Getting up really early for these workouts is making me really tired," Gruber said. "I'm pushing through. It's a little hard because I will say I lost the enthusiasm from week one. But I have a fitting for my awesome dress at the beginning of next week."

Audrey started this challenge at 146 pounds and 33 percent body fat, which is clinically obese. Now for this week's weigh in.

"That's a solid 140," she said.

That's six pounds in one week.

"It's about fat," said celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins. "It's about the body fat, if she drops six pounds, hopefully out of that six pounds 5.5 is body fat."

It was a week of intense workouts, a cleanse, and supplements 

"What I love about the shakes is that I never have time to eat dinner anyway usually," Gruber said. "Or I'm eating it really late and so I have a shake instead, then I don't have to worry about it. When I go home I'm done."

With the supplements, Audrey has two shakes and one meal, or two meals and one shake. In addition she has two supplement drinks a day and uses a natural accelerator to speed up weight loss. 

"I want to get that body fat down so I'm not in the obese category at the end of this," Gruber said.

Down six after a challenging few days food-wise. Audrey had an event the night before.

"All I ate was the salad and broccoli," she said.

And she even  made it through her son's birthday weekend, without cheating.

"I made crepes with Nutella," she said.

"Good detachment," the trainer said.

"I did not eat any of it," she said.

"It's really a good mental exercise," Jenkins added.

Audrey's motivation is her son's bar mitzvah and the dress she wants to wear

"Think about the dress," he said. "Come back up, squeeze the butt hard, one, keep the chest out, don't curve the back.

"If I can even find my abs, it's going to be great," Gruber said.

"So I'm increasing the intensity by lowering your recovery time," Jenkins said.

But she isn't complaining about the results, she started this challenge at 146 pounds, and  lost six pounds in the first week. She is worried though about the weekend ahead, and whether she can get under the 140 mark with all the temptations that await.