A North Country family is looking for help after losing their home just before Christmas.

Joe and Samantha Sawyer and their five children weren't there when a fire sparked at their Rutland home.

Firefighters weren't able to save the home due to intense flames and the building becoming unstable.

Andrew Clement went to school with Joe Sawyer and has started a GoFundMe to help the family get back on their feet. He has raised more than $7,000 of his $8,000 goal.

"They don't know how to thank everybody; I think it's still sinking in for them. And it's pretty tough on them. It's tough to even probably try and go look at where they use to live or what they have to do next. It's pretty big to think about,” he said.

Clement has been in contact with the Sawyers who are currently staying with family. He says he will pick up any physical donations community members want to make.

You can find his contact information on the GoFundMe page.