A steady drizzle of rain did little to keep shoppers from visiting the Union Square Holiday Market Saturday morning. 

The market is a perennial favorite for those looking for unique gifts. Many things sold here are handmade in places from across the globe.

Doggie outfits made in Nepal are a popular stop for many at the market. 

“People know us. We are here 12 years, so they come every year to take more things for their puppies," said Dommy Mahor, owner at Yoyo Dog. "Dogs are people too."

While many of these items are made elsewhere, shopping here helps local businesses.  

At one booth, wooden gifts made in Indonesia employ local artisans there but use designs thought up here in the U.S.  

"They love the uniqueness, they love that they’re handmade and they love the fact that we pump money into a third-world country, where we help families and help them make a living," said Claus Ronnex-Printz, owner of Bali Made.

But if the thought of shopping in the cold doesn’t inspire you, there’s also a new lounge featuring hot chocolate, charging and warming stations sponsored by Citi Bank. Just another way to make a unique shopping experience feel a little more like the holidays, rin or shine.