NEW YORK — The perfect Christmas gift is up for grabs, but it’ll cost you.

Fans of the 1964 holiday cartoon classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” have a chance to get their hands on a piece of almost-invaluable Christmas memorabilia.

Peter Lutrario, the owner of the Rudolph and Santa puppets is selling the pair that appeared on the Rankin/Bass TV special and asking for a cool $10 million on eBay.

Rankin/Bass expert Rick Goldschmidt, who used to bring these exact puppets to events, said you can’t put a price on them. 

“I was just curious to see what the market would bear,” Lutrario told PIX 11 News about the auction.

“No one’s going to pay $10 million,” he said. “Not even a museum or the Smithsonian.” 

In the interview, Goldschmidt said his friend sold Rudolph and Santa to Lutrario around 2010. Lutratio said the pieces brought back childhood memories in a 2015 interview with CNN.