AUSTIN, Texas - A blackout at Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson airport grounded more than a thousand flights on Sunday.

Some flights resumed Monday morning before arriving in Austin.

Jim Chidester is one of the thousands of people affected by the delays and cancellations.

“When I got on the plane today, I said, 'Oh, I don't know if I want to get on here again,’” said Chidester.

Chidester's flight from Chicago had just landed in Atlanta, and his plan to catch his connecting flight to Austin was stopped cold by the power outage.

After three hours on the runway, Chidester and the other passengers were allowed off the plane after finally realizing how bad the outage was.

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"There were just people laying on the floor everywhere. I mean everywhere you could see old, young,” he said.

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport officials said it’s impossible to know how far the impact of this incident goes.

At this time of year, most flights are already full, which means that anyone who was stranded may end up waiting for day for a new flight.  

"We do try to make sure if there is a big event that's going on that we can help provide our passengers with some information, but their airlines are going to be responsible for having the most up to date information and knowing what's going to happening where,” said Kaela Harmon with ABIA.

For Chidester, he's just happy to spend some time with family, even if his bag is still in Atlanta.

ABIA recommends checking your flight's status either on their website or with your airline before heading to the airport.