A four-legged fare beater caught the eye of a straphanger from across the tracks this weekend in Brooklyn.

A subway rider snapped a photo of the dog, seen waiting patiently along a bench on the 7th Avenue subway platform in Prospect Heights on Saturday night. 

The photo was taken around 7 p.m.

The person who took the picture told NY1 that the dog simply came onto the platform and sat down on the bench. 

It wasn't long after that another rider, this time on the same side of the tracks as the dog, approached the pet and found contact infomation for the owner on her collar.

After posting the photo, another twitter user claimed to know both the dog and its owner. 

He said, via Twitter, that the dog had gotten away from a dog walker in Prospect park and likely headed into the subway station because it was a place the dog had been with her owner a number of times.

The dog and her owner were eventually reunited.